Upcoming Exhibition and Event

Solo Exhibitions

Predicament (進退維谷)

Hive Center for Contemporary Art (蜂巢當代藝術中心)
Beijing, China

18 Jul - 19 Aug 2020

(Title to be confirmed)

Tabula Rasa Gallery

London, UK


Exhibition period:  October 2020

(Title to be confirmed)

WMA Space

Hong Kong 


Exhibition period:  November 2020

(Title to be confirmed)

HB Station Contemporary Art Research Centre (黃邊站當代藝術研究中心)

Guangzhou, China


Exhibition period:  December 2020 - February 2021

Group Exhibition

Daisy Chain

TOKAS Hongo (Under National Museum of Modern Art Tokyo)

Tokyo, Japan


Exhibition period:  4 July - 10 August 2020

Landskrona Foto

Landskrona, Sweden


Exhibition period:  4 -20 September 2020


Fringe Club, Hong Kong 


Exhibition period:  24 September - 8 October 2020

Artist Residency

Taipei Artist Village (TAV)

Taipei, Taiwan

Period: April - June 2021

The Factory

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Period: (TBC) 2021

Recent Exhibition and Event

Fundamental (策略)


New York, USA


Exhibition period:  7 - 20 March 2020

HONG KONG - Tales of the City

Denny Denim Gallery

New York, USA


Exhibition period:  13 March - 18 April 2020

The Narrow Road to the Deep Sea (通往深海的狹道)

Art and Culture Outreach (ACO)

Hong Kong

Exhibition period:  5-29 March 2020

Ongoing Projects

"Displacement" pentalogy

​"遷移" 五部

The Retrieval, Restoration and Predicament (復還、繕修與進退維谷)



The Longing Park (相思公園)

2021 - 2022

The Narrow Road to the Deep Sea (通往深海的狹道)

2019 - 2021


Infinite Train (無限列車)

2021 - 2023

華文碼頭 ——從唐人街到紅色國際主義

Shenzhen OCT Contemporary Art Terminal

Shenzhen, China


Exhibition period:  25 July - 9 August 2020