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Part V: The Remains of the Night (2020)

Double-channel video
16:9 | HD | 21’35” | Colour | Stereo | Cantonese | Chinese and English subtitle


In 1942, after the Hong Kong Occupation Governor promulgated the “Repatriation Policy”, he collected a few days of food and caught up with a free one-way boat to Nanshitou outside Canton city. On the other hand, because the Japanese army sent to Guangzhou gradually dwindled, and the camp took in a large number of refugees from Hong Kong, food was in severe shortage. She was recruited to farm inside the camp in exchange for the leftover food, in order to muddle through a difficult time.

After enduring various drug and bacteriological tests and experiments, they are weak, both physically and mentally, and prone to hallucinations. Fortunately, they could enjoy the fireworks displayed during the celebration.




Voice acting: Roland IP Ho-lun | Bubu LIU Jiawen

Music: Frank YIP Yin-ting