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A Performative Reading by “the Six” (2020)

A Performative Reading | 30 min


We thought about using the term “reverberation” to describe a certain moment in the future when the sense of history illuminates the present and causes people to suddenly experience an awakening. When echoes have dispersed and faded, we expect that their “reverberation” will allow us to recapture their memory; but when we try to piece this reverberation together, aren’t we failing to see that what resounds most clearly is actually this present? If we are unable to engrave even this moment into our memories, and are unable to grasp the true value of the connections between people, even when we can still perceive this moment, then how can we expect to be able to hear its reverberation in the future? Being inattentive to the present is an even more lamentable kind of forgetting, an even more willful kind of concealment.

We thought long and hard about how to reconnect this work with current reality, and sometimes even overthought it. But we now deeply feel that it is the existence of each person who enters this space that is creating the setting: each brings a layer of experience that becomes superimposed over other layers, to form an experiential multiplicity. Our intention is only to construct a moment in time and space into which each of you can bring your own living memories, and where you can try to imagine a moment better than the present.

Once I Wake Up, My Body is Old. (Shen Jun, 2020)



A Performative Reading by “the Six” engages six performers to re-enact the scripts of the triple-channel film I Could Not Recall how I Got Here (2019) and the newly published volume in the same title.

Performers: Hiko LEE | LEE Kai Chung | Esther LAM Yuan Ching | Doris POON Wai Yi | Eason Tsang Ka Wai | Thomas YAN San Kong