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I Could Not Recall How I Got Here (2019)

Triple-channel video
16:9 | HD | Colour | 21’46” | Stereo | Cantonese, Japanese and English | Chinese and English Subtitle

A confidential report, written by a British intelligence agent stationed in Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporate (HSBC), reveals a man and woman passed each other instantaneously, just before the return of the bronze statues to Hong Kong — a young Japanese bride, who was on holiday in occupied Hong Kong, desperately trying to repair her relationship with her husband, she met a Chinese man detained in Hong Kong and forced to do manual labour, after he finishes his day’s work, he is sent to guard an unfinished memorial pagoda.



Voice acting: Ben DALGLEISH | Megami TSUGA | Thomas YAN Sun Kong
Music: Frank YIP Yin-ting