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1994 China signed Sino – British Defense Land Agreement, that Hong Kong government will leave a portion of the waterfront near Central Barrack for construction of new Military Port

2000 HKSAR government first proposed Central Reclamation blueprint, and mark out Central Harbor Front area as “Waterfront related commercial and leisure uses”, and “Military Berth (Subject to detailed design)” is being remarked along the coastline

2002 The government applies for funding for the Central Reclamation Project in the legislative council, including a budget for construction of People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Military Port; however, mapping of “Military Berth” is not mentioned in the proposal, it only emphasizes that the promenade will be open for public.

2008 Central Reclamation Phase III is completed, including a reserved spot for future Military Dock and Waterfront promenade.

2011 Tamar Park and Central Waterfront Promenade is completed and open for the public.

2012 In early 2012, The Promenade is marked out as “Leisure Uses” in the 7th Revised Central Harborfront framework plan. And later, 4 Military structures are built along the promenade without the permission from Town Planning Board.

2013 Town Planning Board holds a series of an open forum for the construction of PLA Military Port, over 20,000 public objection comments are submitted to the board after then.

2014 Town Planning Board approves the proposal in a private session. As a result, part of the promenade will be turned into a restricted military zone, and People’s Liberation Army Law will be adopted in that area.

International Marine Signal Flag
X (Xray):
“Stop carrying out your intentions and watch for my signals”