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A Guide to Archive Me (2018)

Search Engine, publication, public programs, moving images


Project initiative


The project comprises an Art(ist) Searching Engine (*, and an array of affiliated events, encounters, collaboration with art practitioners, and publication. The project marks the beginning of long-term research on the constitution of “archive” in general and calls the archival governance in public art institutes in question, as well as how the materials are managed in physical repository and online platforms.

To manifest that art can be a constructive and subversive form of engaging the notion of archiving, AOP is developing a robust Art(ist) Searching Engine, which

1) facilitates searching scattered artist information on the internet;

2) analyses artist website with statistics;

3) engages various art practitioners to collectively constitute the keywords database;

4) allows artists to review searching relevance and revamp the keywords;

5) eventually builds a rhizomatic network that connects the institutional online database and artist websites.

*The website is currently suspended due to changes in personnel, and data cannot be retrieved. Ironically, an archive project ends up with a disruption of self-archiving.


Publication: “Artist Archives Kit”
Dancing with 50 Cents Party (2018)
TV Commercials and Video Tutorials (2018) website