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So Many Quiet Walks to Take (2016) >

We Hold Empty Names (2016)

Video installation with waxed handmade book dust after burning
HD | B&W | 5’38” | Stereo


In 2011, I both curated and showcased my work at a dual exhibition entitled “The Reading Room”, which was based on an undefined memory at a library and a novel. Before the exhibition opening, I was told that one of my works was not appropriate to exhibit, for particular reasons. I kept that work for years, wrapped with layers of protective material, and never showed it to anybody. The other artworks from the same series have been exhibited at various shows, and that series is my first artwork being collected.

When I conceived this solo exhibition, So Many Quiet Walks to Take, I took a retrospective look at my own practice and also the specificity of the venue, I realised that somehow there is a synchronicity alluding to several acausal encounters in my life and later builds a connection between my interest on the archive, archeology, history, memory, personal document, etc.

Therefore, I followed the plot of the novel and burnt my forbidden artwork.