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Part VII: Outcast (2020)

Sound Installation
Stereo | Cantonese | 54″47′


Sound Tour


I am now in the fringe, an outcast.

This is the third time I have been quarantined.

During my first quarantine, I was facing a vast meadow with five flag poles, three with red flags and two with white ones.

Every day I watched a gardener cutting grass and coaches bringing in new arrivals at 3pm.


I still recall the day we stopped in a roundabout, where was basically an open space.

After the bus had stopped, we walked through an archway and I couldn’t quite figure out the words on the plaque, so I filled in the void with my imagination, I thought it was written “Nanshitou”.


During the sovereignty of Kuomintang in the 1930s, the prison was used for detaining communists and political prisoners from Canton Province and Hong Kong. I heard that there was once a secret reading club holding here at night. Meanwhile, a group of shackled people, who were wearing those embarrassed pointed hats, long gowns and leather shoes. They were dragged to the slope, being beaten brutally, yet still roaring ‘long live communist party’. Now, it becomes a piece of wasteland and mass grave.