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Archive of the People (2013-14)

Hong Kong government hasn’t enacted Archives Law for official records; with the undesirable document management and tampering, obstacles are built in the way of public access to records.

From the second quarter of 2012 to early 2013 (Before Central Government Offices move to New Tamar Site), the Hong Kong government destroyed official documents in linear length over 76,100 feet, which is equivalent to the height of 3 International Financial Centres (IFC). It reveals how badly the government treats records, which are assets of Hong Kong citizens; in addition, relevant government departments involved in this incident are discovered violating the “Mandatory Records Management Menu” and dodging responsibility. Therefore, I took on a series of actions concerning how the government department and public servant understand their legal obligation on the public record issue. I disguised as a salesman from “AOP Document Management Company” and sold a “Document Destruction Service”, then I visited the department that destroyed the most documents. The whole process was documented in audio recording and still images.