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Sea Sand Home (2020-)

Sea Sand Home is a longitudinal study project that scrutinises the public policy of Hong Kong on land development and Hong Kong-China integration. Ever since the colonial period before the Handover in 1997, Hong Kong has been introducing land policies, including reclamation, economic bonding, the emergence of the co-governance region, technology park, etc. The policy in recent years inclined to be geographically integrated with China through various mega-infrastructure projects, the integration creates a metaphorical meaning of ‘returning to the motherland’. The top-down policy leads to materials and resources reallocation, human displacement, and dismissal of borders, nevertheless, it has been overlooking the affective relations of Hong Kong people with the Mainland, and the change of identity recognition is forced.

This is the only series in the hexalogy which is parallel to the ongoing development of Hong Kong instead of taking history as the starting point.


Publication: “Sea Sand Home” Timeline
Publication: Sea Sand Home
Sea Sand Home (2021)