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A Guide to Archive Me (2018) >

Publication: “Artist Archives Kit”

Publisher: Archive of the People
Book size: 297 × 420 × 10 mm
Pages: 32
Binding: Staple bound
Printing: laser print
Year: 2018
Language: English and Korean
Print on demand


The existential invisible

Archivists have described the experience of dealing with documents and records as being secluded. The inaccessibility of the island is one of the reasons for being idle. One must pay a visit to the invisible island to envision its uniqueness and existence. Visitors may need guidance to navigate the features and landscapes of the unknown territory, ‘Archive of the People’ is here for you, paves the path, and opens up the entrance to the island.

Rhizomising underneath the floating island. Akin to a mediator or gardener, AOP connects those cramming roots, the islands are therefore enabled to flows, cluster, and elongate by the hauling impact. Collision compels the islands to various directions to encounter other islands.