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Single-channel Video
16:9 | HD | B&W | 6’43” | Stereo

The 1967 Leftist Riots were among the most controversial social movements in the history of Hong Kong, not only because the British Hong Kong colonial government reformed its organizational system, social welfare policy, and political and diplomatic strategy towards Mainland China after 1967, but also because it was a watershed when local politicians and the general public were forced to take sides on significant political issues and this period created a need for the Hong Kong community to recognize and be aware of various ideologies, and to develop their own cultural identity over the next 40 years.

Lam Bun (林彬), a radio commentator at Commercial Radio Station Hong Kong was killed due to his criticism of the local communists on his radio programme “Can’t Stop Striking” (欲罷不能). Lam and his cousin were set on fire in his car while driving home on 24 August 1967.

This piece is a tribute to and re-enactment of Lam, who dared to speak out under social and political pressure.